Tuesday, 17 May 2011

"Threads" first preview

Hey everyone!
This spring I will be graduating from university, finally! The past three years have been crazy, going to school and then do 150% work, I seriously don't know how I did it...I want to share with you the first preview of my final major project which is called Threads. Threads is a series of fifteen images and is inspired by my childhood experiences and dreams of volcanos, fire, and white creatures and captivity in small dark spaces. Its also a homage to the woman as a goddess and her journey from being the young to the loveable and then to the wise. It's also inspired by spiders for their symbolic meaning in mythology, religion and folk stories.


Big thank you to my team! Katla, Elli and my mother who helped me out through the whole process and then Andrea, Isak and Hildur that helped out on the shoot and then thank you to everyone else that helped out!! Thank you!